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A collection of images that make me happy, in whatever form that happiness takes. Some are funny, some words to live by and certainly some that are just yummy *winks*

Me? I am English and live in London. Want to know more? Ask me.

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stuckinlostangels asked
Where are you from?

Hello my lovely,
I am from the UK, and live in London.

Anonymous asked
Just back from vacation and see you have posted - and more importantly must be feeling better. Looking forward to more posts and most importantly more of YOU.

Thank you my lovely one. I am doing much better and am almost back to full strength so watch out for posts ;o)


This video (or rather videos) once edited will probably be my favourite ever. EVER ever.

It’s gonna take a lot of editing though. :/

A favourite.

Anonymous asked
So sorry you are still feeling bad. Your tumblr is the one that got me hooked! I hope you're back feeling well and posting soon! xoxox

Hello my lovely,
Firstly thank you so much for your kind words, just what the Doctor ordered. I am finally up and out of hospital and although seeing a consultant every other week doing much better and back at work (sadly!)
I am aiming to get back to normal on all things so keep with me and I will be back to posting soon.
And…..Awww…… Bless you, I am glad my little blog causes happiness :o)

noheart2break asked
II was thinking of you and wanted to stop by to see what posts I may have missed and I find that you have been ill. I am sorry for your troubles and sincerely hope that you are feeling better.

Thank you so much. I am getting back on my feet after having a month of being sick and going in and out of hospital. I am just back at work as well which is not great but it adds to the normality of it all.
How are you? All okay/well I hope.
I promise I am still here just not logging on every day to post at the moment, but I will get there x

Anonymous asked
I hope you haven't given your tumblr up! Please come back!!

Hello there,
No I have not given it up. The last 4/5 weeks have not been very good, I have been in and out of hospital following a collapse in work and have been having various tests. I have been signed off work for the last 4 weeks and other than dealing with urgent things have been spent sleeping or having tests. I am getting results tomorrow and hopefully will get to work and start getting back to normal this week.
Promise I am still about just unwell. Thank your for concern and promise to return.
D x